A Private Midwifery Practice 

Comprehensive midwifery services offering continuity from pre-conception counseling through postpartum care for mothers & babies. Seven Hills Midwives are experienced in caring for healthy, low-risk mothers planning a home birth and the newborn in the early postpartum period.

In addition to Full-scope Midwifery Care , Doula Services are offered for women planning to birth in the hospital or at a birth center.  International Midwifery Services are available for women and their families living outside of the United States.

Optimum nutrition and an active lifestyle are fundamental to a healthy birth experience so time is taken in the prenatal visits to address these important topics. Supportive therapies are incorporated into the practice at the request of individual families and  recommendations are made for the use of healthy foods, homeopathy, herbal remedies &  flower essences to ease common,  discomforts of Pregnancy, Labor and Birth.  Referrals are made to local complimentary practices or to medical providers as necessary.  An Aqua Doula water birth tub is available to all home birth clients free of charge and offered to other families as a rental.

The practice is guided by our belief in the unique power of individual women to give birth instinctively and the importance of informed consent to assist families in being active participants in their care.  Working cooperatively with families a safe birth plan is created using all the elements of the Art & Science of Midwifery Care.